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Utilize the knowledge gained around securing networks to deliver value-added services to customers.

Build a service offering that intelligently scales with demand, but does not add complexity to the managed network.

Offers solutions that provide performance and security at levels found in customer premise-based networks.


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Telefónica Group is one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies, operating in the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking market. The company has a strong presence in Latin America, where it operates in eight countries and concentrates its growth strategy.


Telefónica Empresas forms part of the Telefónica Group and provides advanced communications, broadband, and network application solutions to large enterprises and multi-national corporations that are either headquartered or have a large presence in Spain and Latin America.



Business Challenge


Securing networks has always been a top priority for Telefónica Empresas. Telefónica Empresas is a successful leader in providing managed security services to organizations of all sizes. The company provided these services by deploying the necessary equipment and applications to ensure the security of all customer traffic that goes through its Telefónica Internet Center (TIC). As enterprises began turning to Telefónica Empresas for security services, the company realized the knowledge it had amassed could be leveraged to deliver revenue-generating, value-added services to customers.


Typically, service providers have two options when offering enterprise customers a managed security offering:

Premises-based: Deploy, manage, and maintain security equipment deployed on the customer’s premises.

Network-based: Offer customers services that are delivered from equipment in the service provider’s network.


The issue with a customer premises-based solution is that, for every customer, the service provider must purchase, deploy, and maintain a piece of hardware with its own firewall software license. So 100 customers of a firewall service requires 100 separate appliances with 100 separate firewall software licenses. While the security is very good, this is an extremely unattractive option from a capital and an operational expenditures perspective.


The network-based option is more appealing because all security equipment can be located and managed from a single, centralized location. In this scenario, one piece of equipment in the service provider’s network with one firewall software license protects the same 100 customers using “virtual” firewalls with distinct policies for each customer. The challenge of this offering is the ability to deliver security services with the same performance and quality of customer premises-based solutions.


Telefónica Empresas recognized the tremendous business opportunity that managed security services represented, but was not sure how to deliver a compelling service from a cost, management, and security perspective.


The Senior Architectures Manager for Telefónica Empresas outlined the company’s managed security needs:

“We wanted to offer security services that combined the best of both worlds – the performance and on-site security of customer premises-based solutions with the cost and centralized management benefits of network-based offerings.”



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The challenge facing Telefónica Empresas as it developed a network-based security services portfolio was how to offer its customers cost-effective, best-of-breed security applications that delivered the same level of security and network performance as if it was in the customer’s own network.


“We wanted to offer security services that combined the best of both worlds – the performance and on-site security of customer premises-based solutions with the cost and centralized management benefits of network-based offerings.” – Senior Architecures Manager, Telefónica Empresas.





When reviewing their options, Telefónica Empresas was introduced to the X-Series security services platforms from Crossbeam Systems®. These carrier-class platforms feature multi-gigabit performance, unmatched port density, and the ability to support multiple applications from leading security vendors, such as Check Point Technologies, IBM.


The X-Series platforms in their TIC, Telefónica Empresas now offers a robust set of security services to its customers, including:


Firewall Module: Based on the Check Point® VPN-1® software, this is a shared service that is protecting thousands of enterprise networks.

VLAN Module: A private connectivity service based on Check Point’s VPN-1 VSX™ software that uses virtual local area network (VLAN) technology to create private LAN services from shared networks.


All of Telefónica Empresas’ security services are monitored and managed from its centralized Security Operations Center near Madrid to ensure that customer networks are secured, and services are delivered with the performance and quality they expect.




Customer Appraisal


As one of the largest telecommunications groups, Telefónica Empresas is a high-profile target for hackers. To secure its own network and those of its customers, it needed a solution that excelled in three areas: integrated security using best-of-breed applications, high performance, and high reliability; this set of criteria was met exclusively by Crossbeam Systems and its ISV partners.


Telefónica Empresas is now in a position to offer managed security services that appear to its customers as if they were being run from equipment in their office.


As an example of the managed security services success, the Senior Architectures Manager cites the performance of the anti-virus module:

“Our service processes 2.5 million emails each day and stops 400,000 viruses and 150,000 spam messages. The combined security, performance, and reliability deliver tremendous value to our customers, allowing them focus on their core business while we focus on protecting their networks.”

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