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Collection Insights



Collection Insights™ – the powerful solution that moves you to the front of the collections line


Equifax has combined the value of their industry-leading contact data with strategically selected, credit-based triggers which flag when a consumer’s ability to pay has improved, indicating that now is the time to re-initiate your collection efforts. Conversely, other triggers indicate when a debtor’s ability to pay has degraded so you can suspend collection activity and avoid incurring additional costs.


Collection Insights makes your collection process even more powerful, with refined queue segmentation and fully optimized resource allocation.



Let us monitor your portfolio so you don’t have to


Simply submit a batch file via FTP to unleash the power of Collection Insights’ daily monitoring, which alerts you when changes in a debtor’s contact data or credit profile occur so that you can tailor and time your collection strategy.


Significant credit file fields to which changes are logged include: 

Name, address and telephone number  

Major derogatories  

Delinquencies by dollar amount  



Customers have the option of choosing from a full complement of contact and credit event-based triggers to build a robust program:


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New Contact Data 



Phone – landline versus cell


Major Derogatories 

Bankruptcy public record (any)

Trade line bankruptcy

Foreclosure Repossession (balance)

Collections (original amount)

Charge-offs (charge-off amount field)

Paid third-party collections (original amount)

Paid charge-off (charge-off amount field)



Satisfied tax liens

Satisfied judgments

Tax liens



New Inquiries

Auto inquiries

Credit card inquiry

Retail trade inquiry

Installment-like trade inquiry

Mortgage Inquiry


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Key Benefits


Are your recovery rates lagging because of?

Decreasing margins

Reduced liquidation rates

Underutilized FTE

Strained resources 

How do you focus on those accounts that now have an improved ability to pay?


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Large and Small Amount Delinquency

>$1000 balance, <$1000 balance


Over Credit Limit

>$500 balance, <$500 balance


New Trade Lines Open to Buy

$1-$499 $1000+ OTB

$500-$1,999, etc.


New Trade Lines

New mortgage, new auto trade (balance)


Existing Trade Open to Buy

$1-$499 $1000+ OTB

$500-$1,999, etc.


Credit Rating Improvement

Rate/status improvement (balance)




Settlement (high credit)



Get more right numbers for more right-party contacts


Collection Insights with FirstSearch™ delivers more of the right-party contact information you need to quickly recover past-due balances. In fact, our current  FirstSearch users report:

20% increase in contact rates

50% direct hit ratio.



Make Collection Insights with FirstSearch your first step


FirstSearch gives you fresh, new information from various proprietary sources that are among the first to know when an individual has moved or requested new service associated with a physical address. It’s your best strategy for reaching debtors early in the collections process – before your competitors.



Save time, money and resources with Portfolio Monitoring


Collection Insights with FirstSearch includes Portfolio Monitoring that continuously keeps watch over your collection portfolio for name changes, new addresses and/or phone numbers on those individuals who are hard to find due to unavailable, inaccurate or outdated information.


With daily updates to our massive proprietary data sources that return unique hits and unique numbers, you receive right-party contact information as quickly as 24 hours of it being linked to an individual, or when data on previously unmatched individuals surface. Best of all, you won’t expend additional resources, time and money repeatedly running traces on the same consumers.



Gain greater account insight now


Join the ranks of enlightened collections professionals who have discovered that Collection Insights is the powerful, monitoring solution needed to elevate your collection strategy for optimal profitability.




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